Ishpingo’s vision on massive deforestation

Fighting deforestation, what Ishpingo thinksA simple glance at the world we live in can detect the main causes of global deforestation : demography, growing urbanization, consumption mode of developed and developping countries, pressure exerted on the environment by local populations.
The consequences of this deforestation are multiple and affect the whole planet notably increasing the greehouse effect thus boosting in the process what we call global warming.
Discuss it is a good start but that’s quite not enough. We must unite and act together to fight deforestation, to replant trees on degraded areas while proposing alternative sustainable development solutions to local populations in the meantime.
déforestation massive
Since 2005 Ishpingo foundation has been setting up a sustainable development model based on participative agroforestry in which farmers reforest their lands mainly with softwood lumber and fruit trees.
The impact of these actions is threefold :
Local populations are able to perform self-consumption of fruits, timber and herbal medicine.
Their incomes, and by consequence their living conditions, increase noticeably because farmers can now sell their production to a fair trade cooperative.
By planting trees we contribute to CO2 (carbon dioxide) storage and thus limiting global warming.
Unlike a lots of Non-Governmental Organizations, we do think that positive and long-term results in reforestation projects can only be achieved if local populations got trained and are truly involved. Their commitment and their awareness of the impact of climate change are the key to ensure the sustainability and the reproducibility of the actions Ishpingo undertakes.