Ishpingo got the COP21 label

Fund a reforestation project

You are a company, a corporation or a foundation and you would like to fund an environmental project corresponding to one of our actions in the Amazon region ?
Feel free to contact us in order to discuss your purposes and to define the terms of a potential collaboration.

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Sponsor a tree

If you want to take a real action to save the Amazon rainforest and tackle global warming, one of the best solution is to sponsor trees. Those trees, planted with care by Ishpingo, will partipate actively to store CO2 (carbon dioxide), to improve local populations living conditions as well as preserving the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity.
From 1 to 9 trees, 10 per tree.
From 10 to 50 trees, 5 per tree.
Beyond 50 trees please contact us in order to get a custom quote.

Tree(s) Qty Price
The Amazon rainforest Let’s plant to preserve the Amazon rainforest

Total = 10 

* Warning, the plantation certificate will be edited and sent to the holder of the means of payment used to fill the Paypal form.

The timber seeds needed for our reforestation actions are becoming more and more difficult to find! Help us to protect mother trees by granting a financial compensation to local populations in order to avoid cutting trees down and to get allowed to gather the seeds. Therefore we may be able to create a consistent seed bank which will help to preserve genetic biodiversity whithin the forest.
* Ishpingo foundation will provide you the certificate of donation by email.

Skills-based sponsorship

You wish to put your (professional) skills at the service of the environment?
Ishpingo actively seeks experimented people who can help us progress in the following fields: tropical forestry and arboriculture, fruit transformation, distillation and essential oils, organic certifications and fair trade business.
If you are interested in this kind of patronage feel free to contact us!

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