Ishpingo, reforesting the Amazon rainforest

Founded in , the Ishpingo foundation is a French-Ecuadorian Non-Governmental Organization.
For more than 15 years our goals have been being : improving the social, economical and environmental living conditions of the Amazon local populations, reforesting the rainforest as well as preserving biodiversity through the development of projects based on agroforestry.
Giving a sustainable nature to all the actions we undertake is our prime priority. To achieve that purpose we are involving local populations in each of our reforestation projects because only them can carry on tomorrow what we are fighting for today.
Flore MOSER and Antoine VULLIEN, co-dounders of Ishpingo Foundation.


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Commit yourself to save the Amazon rainforest, by making a donation, by sponsoring a tree, by setting up a skill-based sponsorship or by developing a financial partnership.

Why should you support us ? Ishpingo is a small NGO which works directly with the local populations in the Amazon rainforest. With us there are no intermediaries, the reforestation actions we conduct are unambiguous and clearly defined (check out below). By supporting our association you make sure 100% to play a genuine role in preserving the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity. Support Ishpingo

Reforestation actions


How to preserve forest resources as well as getting the maximum value out of the farmlands in Amazonia in order to tackle deforestation while ensuring decent living conditions to local populations ?
Agroforestry seems to be the best model providing a relevant answer to this issue. As a matter of facts this system allows the farmers to grow simultaneously different types of valuable resources (timber and lumber, fruits, medecinal plants, cocao, coffee, etc...) in order to preserve biodiversity which is vital for mankind and the environment.



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Main partners

Sustainable development projects and reforestation actions that Ishpingo foundation has been running for so many years could not have existed without their help and /or their financial support. Many thanks to all our partners who allow us, day after day, to fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest as well as tackling global warming, thus working for a better world.
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